Tuesday, January 6, 2015

taming the ta ta's

As a big boobed gal, I understand the PAIN of finding the best sports bra. Too tight and you can't breathe (let alone run) and not tight enough and you are risking hitting yourself in the face. I went to a Soul Cycle class the other night with only one weak sports bra on and I thought I was going to lose a boob while sprinting in the saddle. It was awful. I almost wish I could see how awful it was to remind myself to keep extra sports bras with me at all times!

So the hunt for the best sports bras continues!

My current fave: Moving Comfort - Endurance
Don't get me wrong, this bra isn't easy to get on and off, but it does the job. The girls stay in place and I don't feel unable to breathe. I got lucky and found it on sale in Jack Rabbit, but it's carried in many stores, like Nordstroms (free shipping, who doesn't love that!?) and Road Runner Sports -- and  both stores have great sales. Coming from a girl with double D's, any bra that can keep me tamed is a winner in my book. Before this bra, I often wore two sports bras. Not fun. Nor is it good for my laundry basket.

Any other recommendations? I hear mixed reviews on the Lululemon bras. I need the ultimate in bounce protection!

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