Saturday, January 17, 2015

fitbits for life

Last summer, after hearing all about my lovely coworkers' Fitbits, I bit the bullet and bought the Zip. It was cute and pink and it definitely helped me be more accountable about my steps. My Zip traveled to Italy and had a good little life. Keyword: little. I often wore it on my bra or on the loops of my jeans, but part of the clip kept falling off. Then one day - poof - it just stopped working.

In the meantime, I had upgraded my iPhone and was using it's step tracker. Helpful, but not the same. I reached out to Fitbit about the problems and found that they have a fabulous customer service department! They walked me through troubleshooting steps, and when ultimately it still wasn't revived - they shipped me a brand new Zip. (Note: I was under warranty and still had my receipt, so be sure to hold on to yours too!)

awkward thumbs up, fitbit style
But being the brat that I am, I decided to upgrade to a Flex! Welcome home little bracelet :)  Not going to lie, this was partially motivated by the fact that Tory Burch has some super cute FitBit accessories. I haven't purchased them yet - because I want to see them in person. But I am looking into other Flex accessories. Stay tuned for reviews on some of my favorites. But for now - I'm enjoying keeping track of my steps and testing out the sleep tracker! What tracker do you use? Any tips on keeping authentic with your steps? It kills me I don't "get" all my steps when I'm at SoulCycle!

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