Monday, January 31, 2011

diagnosis: plantar fasciitis

It has happened again. I awoke on Sunday morning like most other Sundays. I was happy to sleep in, and ready to go veg out on the couch for awhile. But when I put my feet down on the ground, my heels were screaming in pain.

I tried to tread lightly around my apartment that morning, but am saddened that this is happening yet again. I expect it in the summer. I'm a flip flop girl, but in the winter? I haven't even been wearing my Uggs.  My first go-to feel good fix is Yoga Toes. I know what you're thinking...those things from the back of Star magazine?

Well let me just tell you, I LOVE these babies. I've had them for years, and they are the best. They feel a little funny on, but you feel even better once you take them off. And once you have them, you'll have them for life. They're made of a durable rubbery plastic material that withstands abuse (not that I abuse them...).

But this time, they're not enough. And I NEED to hit the gym.

What do you recommend to help these painful heels?  I need to stay on the cardio train!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This has been a weekend full of FOOD! Good for my tummy, not so good for my waistline. I have trouble making good food choices in the public setting. I mean, I'm not always making great choices at HOME, but it can be even worse when I'm out.

Which leads me to Saturday's dinner at OPA. This is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's BYO, so there's always too much wine, too many zucchini chips and usually a big piece of pastichio! When the food is this good, I just can't say no! We did split a salad though. Of course the ginormous pieces of feta cheese, and the many pitas I ate probably cancelled that out and then some.  The pastichio is really to die for though. The noodles are creamy and delicious, and the meat is tender and together they are just perfection! I could eat it everyday. Then I'd be obese. It's probably a good thing the restaurant isn't right around the block from me.

Opa on Urbanspoon

Yesterday's fat-fest leads me to today's workout: a nice long run. I've come to the conclusion that I like good great food too much, that I've got to balance it with lots and lots of exercise.

How do you balance food and exercise?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

happy weekend!

Two weeks into my last semester of law school, and man does it feel great!!  Even though I still have some 100-odd days left, summer plans, including a shore house are in full effect. Which leads me to my next do you motivate to work out when the weather is SO COLD?!?! It has been snowing, practically blizzarding about once a week here in good old NJ. I'm over it!

I made it to spin class once this week, and it felt so good.  But my schedule is so all over the place that its not making classes easy to get to. I used to love the elliptical, but since I've fallen in love with spin, its gotten boring. What's a girl to do?

Well Friday night, I had dinner with my darling friend Nicole because it's restaurant week near where we live.  We tried this great tapas place called West Five Supper Club. We had quite the wait, but it was worth it! The food and vibe were delicious. We had six small plates, including french fries with dipping sauces, baked mac and cheese, and an amaaaaazing artichoke and crab fondue. I could have just eaten that all night long. It's a little off the beaten path, but definitely worth the trip.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

back ON the wagon

i have been in a SERIOUS funk, but i'm here to tell you i'm coming out of it!  off to spin class, then back to blogging...