Friday, May 27, 2011

the summer of B's

this summer is going to be the summer of B's. beach. best friends. bars. boys. bar exam. birthdays.  i know what you're thinking - none of those b's have to do with exercise. but i swear i'll be running/spinning/not being lazy.  lucky me - i have the first birthday of the summer, the kick-off birthday. i love having a birthday in late may. i feel like the weather is usually great, and people are always in a great mood to party party party!

BESTIES! (drinking booze lol)

BIRTHDAY cupcakes! 
BIRTHDAY bar crawl - golf themed!

me as a BARRISTER (aka: lawyer in Australia)

i'm sure you'll notice there aren't any boys in those pictures. probably because although i say it, it is definitely not the main purpose of our ventures. if we meet nice boys, its great, but i have to say, i have to say our best memories are on girls' nights.

on that note -- i'm off to the beach, to celebrate my birthday, with my besties! can't wait. i should also add that my law school graduation is this weekend also. is it strange i'm more excited for summer, than i am to graduate law school? i guess its because graduation = bar exam, and that's nothing to celebrate. i'll be much happier when that exam is done, at the end of july (you'll hear about that later).

what are your memorial day plans? while there's usually lots of drinking and dancing, let's not forget to remember the soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday <3

Thursday, May 26, 2011

mosquito bites = summer

i'm one of those people who gets bitten by mosquitos like crazy! when i was a baby, i got bit and the bite was so big my mom took me took to the pediatrician because she thought i was going to die (i was her first, she was over-dramatic). clearly, i lived to tell the story, but i still get bites like crazy. on a trip to jamaica my legs were literally covered. we lost count at 32 bites. on one leg.

well today is the day. i woke up with a mosquito bite on my leg, and thought: summer is here!!!! i know summer doesn't really start until tomorrow for us northeasterner's.

(memorial day weekend = start of summer, labor day weekend = end of summer)

i am even more excited because this summer i have a summer house at the jersey shore. c'mon you know you want to fist pump to that! i know i do :)  i'm in a house with some of my best girlfriends, right on the beach. it's going to be an amazing summer. now i also have that pesky little thing called the bar exam, but we'll get to that later.

this week has been crazy getting ready for the house. i was in charge of all the house supplies, as well as getting all of my stuff in order. but that didn't stop me from picking up some skirts at H&M and cute dresses at Old Navy. i also treated myself to the cutest cooler bag from Lilly Pulitzer. its so big it will definitely double as a beach bag. and it came with a beer can/wine opener.
summer shopping! and some oldies...

packed and ready to roll. note: this doesn't include food or clothes :)

all this beach preperation has also had my butt in the gym hardcore. i've been making it to spin at least 5 days a week, but i know i need to reach out of my comfort zone. my feet had been giving me trouble, so i've laid off the running for a bit. but tonight, i'm going to try a body conditioning class at NYSC. i'm excited, because i love weight training. plus, if i work hard, i'll earn a slice of cheesecake (hitting cheesecake factory post-gym for a birthday dinner with my girls to kick off our weekend a little early).

how do you switch up your workouts? i feel like spin is the best cardio - but i need motivation in weights.

what are you summer plans? do you love the beach as much as i do?

Monday, May 23, 2011

i'm baaaaaaack

ok ok, i know, it's been WAY too long. but give a girl a break, i was finishing up law school. that's a good excuse right? but today i turned the big 2-8 and thought today was as good a day as any to return to the blog world. if i make the time to READ blogs, i can certainly make time to write in mine. sorry for the hiatus, but as sir elton john said: the bitch is back :)