Friday, May 27, 2011

the summer of B's

this summer is going to be the summer of B's. beach. best friends. bars. boys. bar exam. birthdays.  i know what you're thinking - none of those b's have to do with exercise. but i swear i'll be running/spinning/not being lazy.  lucky me - i have the first birthday of the summer, the kick-off birthday. i love having a birthday in late may. i feel like the weather is usually great, and people are always in a great mood to party party party!

BESTIES! (drinking booze lol)

BIRTHDAY cupcakes! 
BIRTHDAY bar crawl - golf themed!

me as a BARRISTER (aka: lawyer in Australia)

i'm sure you'll notice there aren't any boys in those pictures. probably because although i say it, it is definitely not the main purpose of our ventures. if we meet nice boys, its great, but i have to say, i have to say our best memories are on girls' nights.

on that note -- i'm off to the beach, to celebrate my birthday, with my besties! can't wait. i should also add that my law school graduation is this weekend also. is it strange i'm more excited for summer, than i am to graduate law school? i guess its because graduation = bar exam, and that's nothing to celebrate. i'll be much happier when that exam is done, at the end of july (you'll hear about that later).

what are your memorial day plans? while there's usually lots of drinking and dancing, let's not forget to remember the soldiers who fight for our freedom everyday <3

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