Wednesday, January 14, 2015

pumped up kicks

As a self-proclaimed (and not ashamed to admit) shopaholic, nothing is better than the high of getting a new purchase in the mail. I think online shopping is even better because you get the high twice -- when you make the purchase, and again when it arrives. I know, I have a sickness...and I digress.

ANYHOO - these babies arrived! On sale and fabulous. I haven't worn Asics for running, so I'm eager to try them out. In the past I've gone for neutral shoes but these are labeled for stability so I'm ready to try something new. When I'm running the roads I find shin splints to be a problem so I'm hoping these help.

What kind of sneakers are your favorite to run in? Favorite brands for stability? I've been reading that maximalist styles of running shoes are "in" right now. This really is my time to get my run on!

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