Sunday, January 4, 2015

getting back in the zone

I don't know about you, but when I slack off from exercise and eating well, it's super hard to get back on track. And each time I try to get back hardcore, I fail. I need to gradually work at it. While I certainly haven't been eating super healthy over this break, I've made an effort to eat more veggies (um, hello vegetti!) and less crap. It's great being able to make an egg white omelet every day, but I'm back to planning for the work week ahead.


I'm no early bird. I AM trying to start morning workouts again. Whether it's a run or just a Daily Burn video, it has to start happening. It's too easy to make excuses after work. I make hard boiled eggs on Sundays and eat an egg white (or two) each morning while I'm getting lunch ready. Then I take a multigrain Fiber One english muffin for the road. Once I'm at work, I have two apples throughout the course of the morning. Repetitive (I switch up the fruit more in the summer), but it works and I like it.


This meal is the bane of my existence. I hate lunch. I don't work somewhere I can run out and get something yummy or healthy, so it's up to me to pack it or be miserable. My current plan is grilled chicken and black beans (in taco seasoning) in a spinach mix salad. Throw in some avocado and a bit of low fat colby jack cheese and it's a done deal. Filling, a lot to chew and yummy.

My snacks consist of apples, Fiber One bars, nuts, Babybel cheeses (I can't live without cheese), Cup of Soups (I know, high in salt, but sometimes I crave it!) and peanut butter.


Again, TRYING to plan better. So that I don't say F it and order something fatty in take-out or just eat a ginormous bowl of cereal.

The newbie on this week's dinner menu -- Spicy Parmesan Shrimp from How Sweet It Is. I plan on using way less pasta and adding in some veggies to bulk it up.

My other go-to dinners as of late include some kind of chicken in a high fiber wrap. I throw in the grilled chicken (with buffalo sauce or taco seasoning) with a bit of low fat cheese - and grill the wrap to make it a quesadilla. Pretty easy and definitely yummy. And filled with fiber!

What else can I eat for dinner?! Help me. Shrimp and chicken breasts are my main proteins, it's the sauce/flavoring I need help with. I'm red sauce-phobic so it cuts down on my options.

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