Tuesday, January 20, 2015

running in the artic tundra

christmas day in new jersey

If you're experiencing freezing cold weather in the single digits - I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I absolutely despise the cold. I try to never wear a coat unless I have to. If I could wear flip flops every day, I most certainly would. I don't particularly love having tons of heat on in my apartment but it has been so frigid that I have to! My slippers are certainly getting worn these days!

Since I've only just been getting back into the running groove, this cold weather is making it super hard to stay consistent! I'm still on my break from the gym, so I can't just go to the gym (plus I hate the treadmill in general). I'm not sure how I can get and stay on track in the winter months. I've been hitting Soul Cycle hard, which is great for rest and cross training days, but I'm just feeling disappointed in my run progress. I can handle being out there in the 30's, but not when it is only seven degrees! And freezing rain?! I just can't!

How do you stay warm for winter runs? How can I stay consistent without getting frostbite?!

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