Thursday, January 8, 2015

breaking up with the gym

I became a bit of a gym rat in college. But let's be real, it was easy back then. You just walk across campus. There's hotties to stalk. You have tons of friends who will meet you there. At one point, I went twice a day regularly. In the morning by myself - and in the evenings with my bestie before we had fro yo for dinner. I was slim and pretty strong. But I also didn't have a full time job. Or any of the other real life obstacles in the way now.

Since college, I've been in an on and off again relationship with my gym. I love spin classes, but they've changed the way you sign up for them and I'm not sure I want to keep paying the premium price to be able to sign up. I can downgrade but then I can't sign up. But I can still use the gym as I wish. It's a tough choice. I've been running - but I realize a time will come over the winter where I just don't want to run outside. Or I'll be in pain and would rather cross train on an elliptical. I'm afraid to pull the plug on my gym membership. I have been Soul Cycling - but it's expensive. And not around the corner from me.

While I debate the breakup, I'm focusing on Daily Burn videos. They have some quick ones that are great. I'm currently crushing on Ben Booker and LTF. Easy and you feel the burn. Plus runs and spins for cardio.

What is your fave non-gym workout?

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