Thursday, January 22, 2015

pampered princesses

I don't know about you, but I could get a massage or a facial (or hell a mani or pedi) every day and be happy with life. There's something to be said about having relaxation that just makes me less crazed. I'm always looking for great places and great deals. Because my skin isn't the best, facials are actually therapeutic for my routine. And since I've been more active, I guess I can say the same about massages!
the lounge at bliss spa. brownies. mmm.

I seriously don't mind polishing my own hands and feet, but sometimes it's just nice to have someone else do it. That being said, I'm also a life long nail biter. I know, it's gross. I've stopped a few times for upwards of six months but then I get off track with keeping them painted and I start biting again, blaming it on stress.

But since I'm back on track with focusing on me and my own wellness, I'm also not biting. I've been trying to create more non-food rewards for keeping on track and losing weight and reaching fitness milestones, so a mani or pedi is the perfect reward. I'm focused on getting my nails a little longer so I can treat myself to a gel manicure. And then I get bored and wind up adding my own "art".

What are some of your favorite non-food rewards? I'm also trying to spend all of my dollars on rewards, since let's be real - I like the good stuff :)

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