Monday, November 7, 2011

nyc marathon - 2011

Apparently all my Facebook posts leading up to the marathon led my Facebook public to think that I was running the marathon. HA! I wish I was at the point where I could run even 10 miles, let alone 26.2. Instead, I ran around the city watching a friend run. Being in the city for the marathon is amazing. The energy is high, and people are in great spirits. The weather was beyond beautiful, probably in the low 60's, so it was particularly great for spectating (is that a word? can it be?)

Instead of focusing on my own running schedule, I spent the pre-marathon week making AMAZING t-shirts.  I think I missed my calling. You know, the calling to be a t-shirt maker for fun events. I wonder how I could parlay this into a career...

We started in Brooklyn, at mile 2:

And made our way through the boroughs:

and all the way to the finish line:

Or at least pretty close to the end...

All in all, it was a pretty fabulous day! And if you need shirts for your next event, call me!

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