Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanksgiving: take two

So what's better than one Thanksgiving? Well, that would be TWO celebrations. My girls and I decided we needed to celebrate a holiday dear to us (c'mon, any day about eating and food is great) with even more food. This is really a third Thanksgiving, considering my office did quite the feast on Wednesday.

The gym is going to be my BFF next week. I make excuses when I don't go early in the morning, so I'm telling you here first - I have a schedule for the week: three days a week (this week Tues-Thurs) I will run in the morning before work. Since Monday is a sleepy day, if I'm feeling it, I'll go early, if not, I'll go later. And Friday, I'll go late, since I will be out late on Thursday night for a concert.

I'm hoping that making a plan (and writing it in my Lilly planner) will help keep me on track! What keeps you on track?

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