Wednesday, November 16, 2011

going commando

Over the weekend I'm out shopping (what else is new?) and I come across running shorts that are lined - with, underwear?! Now I've heard of runners going commando, but these shorts really threw me for a loop. Could I possibly run in these shorts? And would I like it?

Well the shorts were on sale. And there were enough for me and my three besties that are running (walking? shufflin?) in a Turkey Trot this weekend. Nike shorts for $9? I was sold.

So what did I do when I got home from a long day of shopping? I threw the shorts in the washing machine, and laid on the couch like a bum! What did I do the next day? I put on these babies with nothing else (well nothing else on the bottom) and made my way to the gym.

And you know what? I kind of liked it! The shorts themselves were awesome - didn't ride up, and were super comfy. I love that they're made of dry fit material. I usually run in leggings - I'm a slave to Danskin leggings, but I might have to look into Nike dry fit leggings if they're anything like these shorts.

So my vote - the shorts are awesome. Now the real question is -- how will they look at the Turkey Trot?!

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