Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shorts in January

The virus is gone and this girl is back! Since I've been gone:

The Giants have made it to the SUPERBOWL!
my good luck charm is really my g-men underwear. i swear!

I traveled to Brooklyn, where I TRIED to gallivant with hipsters, but instead heard the most amazing acoustic music by some of my favorite bands with fabulous friends.
there's a fine line between hipster and homeless!

I've been running my ass off. IN SHORTS. This has been a pretty amazing January for those of us in the Northeast. We've had some days in the 50's. And only one snow (not counting the freakish Halloween snow storm). I was psyched to get off the dreadmill and run outside a few times.

While the running is going well, I swear I'm hungry all the time! This led to Margarita Monday:  in the form of delish mexican food and margs, Vegan Tuesday: unfulfilling until I realized there was a 16 Handles a few blocks away, Restaurant Week Wednesday: West Five Supper club in Hoboken has the best crab and artichoke dip, but the shots of Jameson are optional.

I ignored all phone calls and texts today and came home after work, relaxed, did my taxes, and got in a good run. I'm blogging from my big, fabulous bed and it feels great to be home tonight.

Most importantly, I stuck with my running schedule despite a busy week. How do you balance exercise with real life?

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