Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dear Virus, You suck!

So my laptop has been infected! My dad says it's not a virus and he can fix it but I'm feeling lost without my computer - and I'm sure the blogosphere is feeling lost without me (one can only hope)!

I'm blogging from my iPhone tonight-now that's dedication! And I've found what might be my first race of 2012: Fool's Run in Manasquan, NJ

I'm hoping to squeeze another short race or two in before then so that I'll be really ready for this one! I've found some running friends but since none of us live that close we just have to check in with each other about our running! Of course we do live close enough to have indulged in some fabulous Italian food at Patsy's tonight! But today was a rest day and I resisted having ice cream!

I'm notorious for rewarding myself (even with workout goals) with food. What are some good non-caloric treats? I love working towards a goal!

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