Saturday, January 7, 2012

The First Run of 2012

It might've taken me almost a week to do it, but I'm back in the game. I went for a run yesterday in the glorious, 50-something-degree weather that NJ has been blessed with. It felt amazing to be outside running. But this wasn't my first foray into cardio this year.

I started out the week bowling with my dear friend Carol. I always forget how much I love to go bowling. I also forget how badly I suck at it.

But back to the run. I've been on the treadmill so much I forgot how nice it is to breath fresh air and see something besides a green wall (the gym in my building is not particularly well designed). If these unseasonably warm days can continue (and it's looking like the will) I will be a happy camper!

Speaking of camp, when I was running last night (and petrified of getting lost in my own complex), I actually felt like I was at summer camp! Did your camp look anything like this:
If I'm being realistic, my camp didn't look much like this photo either, but I'm telling you, while I was running, I felt like I was back at Town and Country, wearing a scrunchie and trying to get out of instructional swim.

I'm still working on my to-do list for 2012. I think I should get until the end of January to make a final list. And I might even be able to cross something off the list before it's posted :)

Does the weather effect your exercise habits? I usually do well in the cold weather months, but nothing beats being outside!

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