Thursday, November 4, 2010

i hope for better, november

i know i was probably crying at the end of summer that it was too hot, and that my hair looked crappy and frizzy everyday. and now i'm cold! ha! i do love the fall though. the colors and breeze make me happy. but once halloween passes, i get sad. and ready for CHRISTMAS. yes, i'm one of those listening to christmas music WAY too early. 

last year, i flew to australia on christmas day, and didn't even finish up finals until dec 19, so it was a rushed holiday season. it was an amazing trip, but i wasn't in the spirit. so this year, ITS ON!

a quick halloween flashback:

girls night out - halloween 2010

we didn't end the night together, so i am glad we got one group shot before we went our own ways.  my fellow girl scout marisa, britney spears (aka: casey) and i had a blast and made some awesome new friends. apparently though, i am getting old, and by sunday night (after a sunday funday to watch the jets get a beat down) i was sick and miserable!

this week was blah, as i spent a lot of it in bed, and didn't even make it to my beloved tuesday night spin class! but now that i'm feeling better, no excuses. that being said, tomorrow is mexican night!! margaritas and spicy food are two of my faves. that means tomorrow morning i am finally trying my new dvd -- the bar method! i've been wanting to take a class, so this is the next best thing!

what are some new workouts you're planning on doing??

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