Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it's the most wonderful time of the year

first things first, halloween is my ultimate holiday. i think it stems from a childhood spent watching scary movies, parents who enjoy zombie movies too much, and enjoy scaring their child. (i'll admit, i've always enjoyed the scare)

this paired with the fact that i love:
  1. pumpkin flavored foods
  2. the cool crisp, east coast fall weather (good hair days)
  3. dressing up in costume
  4. halloween decorations
it's no wonder i'm slightly obsessed with the holiday.

this weekend consists of seeing saw in 3d, a haunted hayride, and debauchery with my bests in NYC.  on top of all that wonderful-ness, i also have an interview with the attorney general. so this really is MY weekend! 

in preparation of the weekend, i've tried REALLY hard to eat well and exercise this week. let's just say the exercise went better than the eating.   i tried a new kashi bar flavor, and fell in love! i'm a chocolate girl, through and through, but often the taste doesn't translate in a health bar.  still, i'm usually nervous to stray from my beloved chocolate (and/or peanut butter) flavors. but something made me try this:

cinnamon-y and amazing!  sweet, but not too sweet. crunchy and delish!  needless to say, i'm hooked! i picked up a full box at target this afternoon.

so, what are you being for halloween?  my costume is a surprise ;)

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