Saturday, October 16, 2010

so long sweet summer

well it is OFFICIALLY fall!! i absolutely love this weather, and the changing of the leaves is one of my favorite things about it. plus, i can start running outside again. i simply cannot run when i'm already sweating, just from walking down my fire escape!  and after spending the dough a brand spanking new pair of brooks, i am ready to run!

the cooler weather also makes me less afraid to try cooking. if i'm being honest (and i swore i would be on this), i really don't enjoy cooking, or attempting to cook. but boy, am i trying! i have a girlfriend who's parents tried to teach her to be a wife this summer, and i thought to myself, i wish someone could teach ME!

i tried a new crockpot recipe for rosemary roasted chicken, but it was a bust. but i'm not losing faith. of course the crockpot fiasco forced me to take a trip to whole foods where i found the most AMAZING chocolate bars. they're from a brand called attune, called aptly, attune bars.

i got the milk chocolate crisp flavor, and it literally tastes like a nestle crunch bar, except that it contains fiber and probiotics!!!  and its only 90 calories. talk about heaven. you keep them refrigerated, but i take mine out about 15 minutes before i'm ready to enjoy.

what are some foods that you eat to get fiber and probiotics in your diet?

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