Monday, December 26, 2011

A Long December

Well, the month might've been long (I think any month with 31 days should by definition be deemed "long") but now it's almost over, and so is 2011. I'd like to add, that I definitely wrote "2001" on a Christmas card I was sending out. It was to a friend who appreciated a good throwback, but left me wondering - did I wrote 2001 on other cards as well?

circa 2001. freshmen year at uha. d complex.
Feel free to let me know if you received an outdated Christmas card. But just be happy I sent you one :)

Back to the New Year talk. Lots of bloggers (and I guess people in general) make those 100 things in 100 days lists (or maybe its 101 in 1001 days?). I don't know what the official name is, but in 2012, I'm into it. I'm making a list of 100 things I'd like to do in 2012. And you should do. And then post your list so I can see if there's anything on your list that I want to do. And then maybe we can do it together (or not, because maybe that's creepy).

Now that we're in the awkward week after Christmas, but before New Year's - it can be kind of depressing. Lucky for me, I've got a busy schedule with work and friends that the time should fly by! Making my list of 100 things should help time fly too.

What are you most excited about as we enter 2012?

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