Sunday, December 4, 2011

last friday night

I've always thought Saturday was the night for fun. And sometimes it is. But I've realized (through the words of Katy Perry) that a lot of crazy stuff goes down on Fridays! This week, my weekend really started on Thursday. Like I told you, I went to see Chris Carraba from Dashboard Confessional on Thursday night. But as soon as we emerged from the subway station, tons of outdoor kiosks were set up in Union Square. This resulted in some shopping and sampling before meeting friends for a few drinks. We had some chocolate, some cider donuts, bought earrings and an evil eye! There may have been a little champagne involved as well!

We hit Haru for happy hour and indulged in some wine, edamame and sushi. Then we found our friends and hit the show.

just hanging out. waiting for chris.

chris' water bottle. winning!

Of course going to work Friday morning wasn't particularly fun, but I made it. We headed back into the city after work Friday for a going away shindig, where we proceeded to not check train times for our ride home. Without a train to catch, we drank too many shots, took too many pictures, and had too much fun. We took the train back in the morning and after a cup of coffee and a taylor ham, egg and cheese on a poppy seed bagel, I got a second wind. But by 11AM I was pooped and was ready for a nap. I didn't open my eyes again until 4PM! I had sleep to make up for from Thursday! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

the guest of honor. clearly an end of the night shot.

Katy Perry knows: we took too many shots, think we kissed but I forgot. Thankfully the night was NOT an epic fail. But Saturday definitely was. It was spent in sweats on the couch. But that means Sunday is the kick-off to a GREAT week, including tough workouts, logging overtime at work, and getting some Christmas shopping done.

Does having a little too much make you want to work our harder? Or does it set you back? I need to be hardcore at the gym this week!

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