Wednesday, February 11, 2015

fitbit accessories

When I got the Flex, the first thing I thought was - YAY! I can get all the cute Tory Burch accessories. But then I read some of the reviews and didn't buy any of them. So I'm rocking this ugly rubber bracelet everyday and feeling very sad about my life. #firstworldproblems

Then I got my butt on Etsy and found the wonderfulness that is this Fitbit cover! She makes them out of spandex material and they are cute and fun! She makes them without or without the little window in TONS of colors and prints. It is the perfect accessory for your Fitbit without breaking the bank. She makes them for all of the Fitbit types and they are custom made. It does take about a week for them to be shipped out - but WOAH. Worth the wait. I'm in love!

In the meantime, I also found another site that is making cool covers, Design.UX. They are in Canada but ship anywhere (and for free - my fave!). They don't have as many choices and they don't have little screen openings, but I'm also loving the ones I received from them. I find you don't really need the screen - since the lights show through. They sell them in packs of three - so it's a really great deal. And you can gift some to your Fitbit friends if you don't love all the colors.

Now that I have all these great covers - I'm loving my Fitbit Flex again. It doesn't look so dorky AND I can accessorize it. But I'm still hoping that other big designers make some accessories like Tory Burch has done.

How do you accessorize your Fitbit and make it your own?

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